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"Him." (Tyler The Creator Short Story)

(This is not real, this is made up. Enjoy)

Tylers POV

In todays society, for most people, not having a father by there side to guide them is starting to become a fucking trend. It almost seem as people try to use that stupid excuse of not having there father present just to build sympathy from others. They use that excuse to help stop them from accomplishing there goals in which are more important. Well hey… It is what it is. I guess that’s how life works y’know? I mean, I was apart of that ignorant percent of people who actually tried to figure on how much I was worth without my dad, but I guess as time progressed I began to understand that All I was doing was wasting precious fucking time trying to understand lost time. I ain’t gonna act like I don’t think about what that Nigerian Fuck was doing at this very moment… Was he at some old ass barbershop? In some stupid church house? At work? On the street? Sleeping?…but then I’d quickly erase those pointless thoughts, engulfing it with memories of my accomplishments without him. I ain’t gonna front…I used to lie to friends, telling them my dad was on business trips N’ shit. I ain’t gonna front…. In interviews I’d act like I never thought about that nigga, or how I don’t care about the fact I never met him or he ain’t around. I ain’t gonna front…I use to shed a few unexplainable tears on Fathers Day when I was younger. I aint gonna front….I used to feel like a nuisance when I hung around Jasper and his Dad at Amusement parks N shit. Yea…I was frontin’ but I guess I can finally say I’m over it. But can I forgive him? I don’t know about that. My mom ain’t never tell me or break it down to me on what happen between the period she told him she was pregnant and when he left. Ugh… Fuck it. Its pointless, getting my head jumbled up on a situation that doesn’t matter… Or maybe it does?…. I don’t know.

It was june. The month of that stupid holiday…. Fathers Day. Which was today. What I usually do on fathers day? Most of the time I’d just go home, and ‘Try’ to spend time with my mom, work on new beats, or just skate till I cant anymore….just thinking. When I was younger I would hang with friends and there dads but that was just too fucking painful and emotional for me. This year, I plan to just go home and chill in my room.

"Another successful Tour Guys….—" Clancy said breaking my deep thought. I looked through my window of the bus. We were back in Cali.

"Get some rest guys. Be safe. I’ll let you guys know when we will have a meeting for the run down of the next upcoming events we got going on—"

"Clancy you hanging with Pops today?" Jasper yelled from the back of the bus.

"Sadly." Clancy laughed.

"You can always switch Dads with me! " Jasper said before laughing.

"I rather not. I might come back…. ‘different’." Clancy laughed.

"Every Day is fathers day for me…." Hodgy said rubbing his head. Lil T was jumping around.

"Too bad you aint shit." Taco said running before Hodgy could hit him. Everyone joined in laughter…except me.

"Aye T, you good?" Thebe said nudging me. I quickly shot him a very awkward, sus…smile.

"Hell yeah man. Bout to go out here and spend this Tour money on some Bitches! " I quickly came up with that stupid ass line. Thats what I would’ve said if I was actually …’okay’.

After we got back, everyone parted ways. Thebe went to his apartment, hodgy went to go be a father, left was with the ‘bae’, jasper was with shark, syd and taco went somewhere…basically everyone was busy. So, I took my black ass home. The funny thing about home, I only really liked my room and the kitchen. And I guess since today was fathers Day… Id finally ask my mom about …’him’.

As I rolled up to my house, I seen the familiar car of my mom and some unfamiliar car. What visitors could she possibly have now? Her ass better not be starting some lame club with old ladies reading books and eating appetizers. I shook my head, got out my car, and entered my home.

"Heeey… Im Home People." I yelled closing the door.

"Tyler, were in here." My mom yelled from the living room. Her voice sound shaky as fuck. The hell?

I threw my bags on the floor and walked further inside. There sat my mom on one of her new decorated white sofas and some man across from her. They both quickly stood up. The dude was tall, in a boring grey suit, big ears, a hairy beard, and a black afro touched with a smudge of grey.

"Tyler, um…baby this is…" My mom began.

"I think I can introduce my self. Thats the least I can do." He spoke. He had some sort of off…african accent. "Hello Tyler….Im your father."

My eyes grew big, my temperature rose, my anger began to boil inside of my fucking body, and my long years of waiting has finally came to an end.

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